NEW: Understanding Snapchat
and how to use it for marketing.

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Understanding Snapchat

and how to use it for marketing

We are now offering a one-day course to learn Snapchat.

Snapchat is big among 15-35 year olds and many marketers find it user-unfriendly, hard to handle and difficult to understand.

This hands-on class will teach you

  • to get an account,
  • to find friends,
  • to manage outgoing messages,
  • to manage incoming messages,
  • how to save outgoing and incoming messages,
  • to use picture communication,
  • to use text, emojis, drawings, filters and buttons,
  • to publish stories,
  • to enjoy stories,
  • and to become a marketing client.
  • After this day you will be able to communicate with your younger relatives as well as with your potential marketing target group. And you will be able to carve marketing campaigns from the unique features of the Snapchat platform.

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    Creative and Compliant Marketing Modules

    for the Pharmaceutical Industry

    We are now offering a modular marketing communication package for the pharmaceutical industry.

    On top of concept and campaign creation, the new modular package includes
  • legal preparation,
  • legal proof reading,
  • pharmacovigilance organization and
  • pharmacovigilance management.
  • The client is free to choose the complete package or to select just the modules needed.

    This modular offer reduces the client's internal budget and capacity needs by outsourcing the legal and pharmacovigilance operations. Our compliant marketing campaigns are legally checked and pharmacovigilance is organized.

    Clients can rely on airtight marketing campaigns that limit their need for legal and pharmacovigilance capacities.

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    Quantitative Target Group Analysis
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