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How to learn coding - how to find code.

Language Resource Link
HTML w3schools
PHP w3schools
PHP Codecademy
PHP + MySQL w3schools
Bootstrap Design w3schools

My own code learning experience was to take a 3 day MySQL class at a public continuing education facility, then learn php at Codecademy online, then learn mobile webdesign. At these classes and in my practical work, I have discovered the best resources for code and I am willing to share these.

With the knowledge I have today, I would go a much faster path - I would

Learn Coding in 4 Weeks instead of 3 Months:

  1. Pick an idea or a solution that I want to program, or take something that exists and I would like to rebuild),
  2. learn basic HTML with the w3schools tutorial,
  3. try to build the HTML parts of my idea to gain HTML experience,
  4. start learning the basics of PHP with the w3schools tutorial,
  5. mandatory: adding the free Codecademy class for PHP,
  6. look into the basics of MySQL using the MySQL tutorial,
  7. continue with php related MySQL with the w3schools tutorial
  8. and try to build my database and php business logic into the HTML parts of my idea built earlier,
  9. learn about using a design library to build a state-of-the-art responsive website,
  10. getting code solutions from coding forums, handbooks, w3c and cookbooks.
On your journey to learn programming, you will find out how to get back to these resources, whenever you need code. Since they cover mostly the possibilites but do not put together trickier setups, you will need some resources for experienced coding. Therefore, here is a list of the best resources I have found and used for my programming:

Resource Description Link
w3schools Follow the link to "Tutorials" - you can add to the above basics by learning CSS, JavaScript and various libraries for it, Ajax, Json, ASP and so much more that will make you an experienced programmer.
Google The best to search for coding solutions for your most complex problems. Just write your problem in the search box and most of the resources listed as follows will come up with related content.
stackoverflow The most vibrant and helping online community for programmers and developers. There is so much, you do not need to ask, just search for your problem, there have been solution threads for everything you can imagine.
Bootstrap A design framework developed by Twitter graciously available for free. The fastest way to create a responsive website in popular design.
JQueryMobile If you want to go mobile only, JQueryMobile is a simple design library to get you jump started. I just wish they add more up-to-date designs soon.

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Follow this link to an example how to use resources to copy and integrate code.